At Glow Lab, we’re committed to using eco-friendly practices and reducing our impact on the environment.

Our packaging is already recyclable however we've gone one step further and have moved all our personal wash and hair care bottles to be made from 100% recycled plastic - sourced from recycled water and juice bottles. By 2025 we aim to have all Glow Lab packaging made from recyclable, compostable or biodegradable materials. - yes to progress!

We are also 1 of 12 leading New Zealand businesses backing a diagnostic study to review New Zealand’s entire plastic packaging and recycling system. We know we cannot tackle the plastic issue alone, and are proud to be part of the ground swell of change.

Glow Lab manufacturing has Environmental Choice New Zealand certification. This means we’re independently audited to ensure we minimise our negative impact on the environment in all aspects of our manufacturing process. To achieve this, we work to minimise the energy required in production, through procedures like cold-processing, while reducing water consumption and waste products.

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