Our killer ingredients

Our killer ingredients

Discover why Glow Lab is natural skincare that works.

We’ve added award-winning cosmeceutical ingredients, often found in high-end skincare brands, to our natural formulations to boost their effectiveness, delivering a natural skincare range that gets right to work tackling every day skin concerns.

We call them our “killer ingredients” and they work to target all the issues you’d expect from a cosmeceutical range, like dark circles, wrinkles, skin tone, sun damage and crow’s feet. Some of these include:

  • BEAUTIFEYE™ which may visibly lift upper eyelids by up to 61%
  • Matrixyl® synthe’ 6™ which may reduce the appearance of wrinkles by up to 100% within 2 months
  • SymRelief® 100 which may reduce redness by up to 49% after 2 days
  • SUPEROX-C™ which may increase skin luminosity by up to 30% after 30 days

At Glow Lab, we want to give women back their glow, every day. And with our award-winning killer ingredients, now you don’t need to compromise on looking after yourself. 

Why rapid absorption matters

Why rapid absorption matters

When we talked to women who use natural skincare products, they told us that the ‘greasy residue’ they experience when using some natural products was one of the compromises they make when choosing natural skincare.

So, we set about solving this, formulating our Glow Lab range to absorb fast, so there’s no need to compromise.

The result is natural skincare that’s even more beautiful to use.

Nature knows best

Nature knows best

Nature is packed with powerful skincare ingredients, and we started with them to create our skincare range.

We only source from nature and use the highest quality, purest ingredients available.

We carefully analyse the effectiveness of ingredients before they’re selected. We blend natural ingredients that complement each other so they work in synergy to create the most powerful, natural formulations to benefit skin.

We use cold-pressed, unrefined or virgin oils and butters to ensure we keep as much of the naturally occurring benefits in our oils intact and undamaged by any chemical processing. That way your skin benefits from all the natural effectiveness these oils can provide.

Glow Lab is pH balanced and dermatogically-tested too, so you can rest assured you’re treating your skin with gentle, natural products to keep your skin in balance.


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